About Gwen

The flying, talking painter, keep up to date with the latest news on the winged artist with the dulcet tones.

A Brush with Gwen

Gwen paints portraits, unique ink drawings and mixed media sculptures sometimes created from the chaos of surprise. It affords her an infinite range of exciting and challenging subjects. Life’s vertiable encyclopedia of material certainly pricks up the ears.

Whilst belonging to the CAPM and IASG and exhibiting regularly, commissions for portraits, objects and drawings form an element of the work practice.  Pieces have been purchased by collectors from far and wide spanning the American and European continents and continually suffice to awaken a host for different reactions.

Pilot Gwen on the Wing

As well as being an avid painter and voice actor, Gwen loves to fly, and is often found at the Aeroclub de Limousin organising her flight plans for her thrilling airborne adventures.

Follow her on Twitter @gwenjenner


One Response to About Gwen

  1. Ger Thijs says:

    Hallo Gwen, this is Ger from Holland, remember me? working in the theatre in the Hague? I’m 67 now, still writing and directing, solely in amsterdam now. my daughter is 23, studied in Paris the last three years (At de LONDON UNIVERSITY IN PARIS, what made her study bilangual) is now returning home. I google your name every once in a while, so I know about the flying, the work, see in pictures that you’ re still beautiful, have that wonderful laugh. Kiss van Ger

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