The Sun Has Got His Hat On — Girls Do Coffee

The sun is shining and the birds are providing a calming backdrop with their song. There is the hum of a lawn mower in the distance and a breeze gently rustles the curtains in my office. The weather has warmed up the Kent countryside and it feels like summer. Today I am working my way […]

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Hope’s Balmy Scent — Girls Do Coffee

It’s certainly been a week of Nature’s firm hand interfering with my poultry. It started with all of the chicks being nabbed when my head was turned. Then a few days later, early one morning, the cockerel and hens disappeared. The only evidence of the dastardly happening was one corpse and scattered feathers trailing next […]

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New Landscapes, New Eyes — Girls Do Coffee

Deborah Alexander writes: I could be wrong. There might be scientists out there who are sent into transports of delight simply by looking at the periodic table. And why not? But, for me, it’s the map that combines practicality and imagination in such delightful unison. No doubt for some, those lines on Googlemaps or Mappy […]

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Chocolate Stiletto Party — Girls Do Coffee

You too must have had that ‘deja vu’ feeling when particular festive days, in this instance, birthdays, come round again. Will it be different this year, how can I make it a memorable day for my friends or shall I just not bother with arranging anything. Rummaging in the memory locker recollections from decades ago […]

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Gwen Jenner writes … Arriving at the salon, with my shapeless hairstyle insisting on a complete revamp, the busy girls enthusiastically welcome this owner of the now lack-lustre cut. Haven’t we all sat in the comfy chair, twisting and wheeling it about in front of the mirror, craning our necks, whilst waiting for the hairdresser […]

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Dave found Cilla

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Spicy Reza

Bathing like Royality

reza 2

Today we literally rolled into the curry spices. Chef Reza Mahammad was our guest on Girls do Coffee this morning. The two hour slot made us feel as if we were bathing in a sunny bowl of naked enthusiasm laced with in depth knowledge.

reza 1Reza shared his story, recipes and historical facts about the spices we all know and love. Did you know that the Portugese brought chillies and pineapple to India via their colonial links. Peppercorns were used as a bargaining tool with the Stock Exchange in Kerala and that making a meal and using spices is akin to alchemy? Cumin, pepper, ginger to name a few are important for your health with cardamon historically being referred to as Queen Kardamon alongside her robust King Pepper. This morning was merely the first of the ‘amuse bouches’ from the menu that sits on the table of tantalizing delights aka known as Chef Reza and we look forward to many more such moments.

reza 3Meanwhile should you wish to enjoy Reza’s culinary skills alongside an extraordinary musical delight to his narration in the form of an opera check out the dates 4/5/6 August 2017 at Facebook Chez Cartier – Cosi fan Tutte on the lawn at Condéon Charente 16360.

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